History of e-culture


History of INTERNET

The term internet was adopted for the first time in 1974. It was linked to the time when ARPANET was still interlinked with NSFNet, that the term it came into general use with an internet meaning any network using TCP/ IP.

“The Internet” came to mean a global and large network using TCP/IP. Previously “internet” and “internetwork” had been used interchangeably, and “internet protocol” had been used to refer to other networking systems.

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History of E-MAIL

The first email system was MAILBOX. It was created at Massachusetts institute of technology. It basically left a message on the computer for the next person who logged on. Another program like this was called SNDMSG.
1972: When computers started to communicate with each other, we needed to be able to send messages to other computers and to do this we needed to be able to address them. A man named Ray Tomlinson came up with the solution. He worked for ARPANET as a contractor and he made the @ symbol for the keyboard to help address the messages. His idea caught on and is still used today.

1974: A lot of army people used email.

1975: Some gateway services went beyong simple email peering.

1996: email went to the internet which really helped email takeoff. As email got more mature out came POP (post office protocol) which is still being used today.

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History of iPod

In 2001, Apple launched a portable media players called iPod. The line-up currently consists of the original style hard drive-based flagship iPod classic, the iPhone like iPod touch, the mid-level video capable iPodnano and the low end screenless iPod shuffle.


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