Police and internet

BBC News – Jokela High School Massacre, Tuusula, Finland

Two weeks ago, the incident with a Finnish student brought to mind the question of “policing” the internet.

Internet raises some safety issues. For instance, we have to focus on websites which enable anyone to post videos with the content they want. It can be dangerous because it’s a way for some people to fell very proud of themselves and make them feel as an actor is a movie.

So, I think, some website such as Youtube and Dailymotion should have their one monitoring service to pay attention to the content posted and refrain some potentially dangerous videos.

I think it’s a bit idealistic to imagine a police for the internet. It should be an international one. People would think that it is a worlwide censorship. To avoid this kind of feeling, these kinds of website should have a part of responsability and warn the police from the state when they see this kind of weerd content.


~ by Morgane COM on November 14, 2007.

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