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Personnally, I am not a geek and I have some hardships when the new technologies are too complicate to understand. That’s why, three years ago, I was not very involved in internet.

Two years ago, I went to Canada in the frame of an exchange program and I realise the power, the efficiency and the simple use of internet. First of all, I was far from my friends and family and I needed to communicate with them. I felt the need to call them, to write them oftenly. But when you are in a foreign country, it can be very expensive. That’s why I used internet a lot because many softwares and applications enabled me for free very original and interactive communication. So, I started to speak a lot of MSN with my webcam, I downloaded Skype to speak with my grandmas who don’t have internet. I started to write and post photos on a blog to share my Canadian experiences. When I was at scool, we had an intranet where every courses were posted in advance. In all the university rooms, we had access to internet, a way to have more interactive courses.

When I was still in Canada, I had to find my internship in France. Of course, first, I sent a traditional mail on Hotmail with my CV and my covering letter. After a positive answer, I decided to call with Skype. I feared to have problem with my connection. In fact, I didn’t have any. I spoke with the marketing and communication director of the firm who asked some questions about my professional and student experiences. I spoke of course about my Canadian experiences and the fact that I created a blog. He was very interested cause his firm had one for their corporate communication. That’s one of the reason why I was hired for the internet development of the firm.


~ by Morgane COM on November 28, 2007.

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